Down with PC liberalism! Hurray for Trump!

Prime Minister Orbán said about Donald Trump in Transylvania this July:

The antiterrorism proposals of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump make him the better option for Europe and for Hungary.

The ideas of the upstanding American presidential candidate about the need for the best intelligence services and his opposition to “democracy export” were also applicable in Europe.

I have listened to Mr. Trump’s proposals to stop terrorism, and I myself could not have drawn up better what Europe needs.

PM Orbán was the first (and perhaps the only) incumbent leader who endorsed would-be President Trump.

He commented on Trump’s victory this morning like this


Congratulations! What a great news! Democracy is still alive.

The worm has turned.  The presidency of Donald Trump will hopefully mark the end of the politically correct madness which has engulfed the West.

Down with the so-called “LGBTQI  rights”, down with the illegal migration which is killing Europe, down with “democracy export” to the Middle East, down with the whole rotten politically correct liberal madness Hillary Clinton represented!

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  1. David Hawk

     /  25/11/2016

    I am delighted that Trump has invited Mr Orban to visit. Mr Orban is first among the small but growing band of emerging “real leaders” in Europe who put their country and people first. I congratulate Hungary on having such a leader and hope you realize how fortunate you are.

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  2. J. Richardson

     /  19/11/2016

    What’s happen is wonderful, but it’s still happened in America.
    Here in the UK we still await our cultural revival.


  3. Agree!


  4. Way to go America!!!



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