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  1. southerner

     /  10/05/2017

    Soros, “I was only a spectator, I had no roll, If I did not do it someone would have, very similar to – you know the markets – in order for things to happen there has to be sides, I have no bad conscience, This time when I was 14 informed and determined my character. ”
    Musings of a modern twenty first century super man. Insight into the soul of what trying to shape the future of western society.
    This is really something amazing to watch, a normal person of low character will through hypocrisy give a imitation of virtue as a nod to what others expect. This is how our politicians and some religious people manipulate others. But Mr. Soros is unique in that he is a true believer in his cause like other social experimenters from the past. Stalin and many others, like Soros are comfortable with the idea that to make an omelet one must crack a few eggs…. or even a few hundred million eggs.
    I wonder if he whos character was shaped by his betrayal of his heritage and nationality has decided which side he is on with the great experiment he and others are unleashing on western civilization. Something he said early in the interview says it all, “If I learned anything was that you must plan ahead.”
    In the book Soros has apparently not read and the God he does not believe in much less revere there is the short book of Ester. Curiously she was also raised by an adoptive uncle, his name was Morticai. Ester became a great Queen and is the heroine of the story. The anti hero’s name was Haman.
    How many kids are named: Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Haman. I know many Ester’s. When faced with certain death and the loss of the easy life she had acquired and very tempted to allow her people, the Jews to be destroyed, Ester was visited by her Uncle who asked her a penetrating question: How do you know if you we not born for just such a moment as this? Soros failed his test and to this day has no conscience about his roll because; If I did not do it some on else would have.
    I’m surprised this discussion and the modern Jewish state do not bring this story of Mr. Soros history forward and destroy his voice in the public arena. That would not be a smear campaign it would be ‘His story’.

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  2. southerner

     /  09/05/2017

    Its ‘s queer to say that the Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban is Anti Semitic for comments made that are not in favor of Mr. Soros! ! Was it not George Soros himself who admits to having hunted his fellow Hungarian Jewish Citizens and tricked them into capture by the German Army and Red Arrow during World War two? I watched him interviewed on the American News Show: 6o Minutes, on CBS. He not only admits to doing so by volunteers that given the same circumstances again he would gladly preserve himself rather than the other options.
    It is very challenging to think how the non elected EU body is able to cause so much trouble for its freedom loving members.

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    • Orbán simply called Soros a “financial speculator” and that’s why people like the VP of the European Commission (Frans Timmermans) called him an “anti-Semite”. 🙂

      Here’s that interview with Soros which you meant:

      It’s quite unbelievable!



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