We must defend Christian culture



An excerpt from Prime Minister Orbán’s 2017 Christmas greeting:

When we draw the boundaries of our identity, we mark out Christian culture as the source of our pride and sustaining strength. Christianity is a culture and a civilisation. It is within this that we live. The essence is not how many people go to church, or how many pray with true devotion. Culture is the reality of everyday life: how we speak and behave towards one another; the distance we keep from one another and how we approach one another; how we enter this world, and how we leave it. For European people, Christian culture determines the morals of our daily lives. In borderline situations, this gives us a benchmark and a compass. Amidst the contradictions of life, Christian culture shows us the way. It determines our understanding of justice and injustice, the relationship between men and women, family, success, work and honour.

The fundamental elements of European life are now under attack. There is now a threat to the self-evident nature of European life: those things one should not need to think deeply about, but on which one only has to act. The essence of culture is that if it is not self-evident, we the people will lose our reference points: one will have no footholds, and one will have nothing against which to check one’s clock or one’s compass. Regardless of whether or not we attend church – or if so, which one we attend – we do not want to be forced to celebrate Christmas behind drawn curtains in order to avoid hurting the feelings of others.

We do not want our Christmas markets to be re-branded and we definitely do not want to have to retreat behind concrete barriers. We do not want our children to be deprived of the joys of Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus and the Christmas angels. We do not want to be robbed of the Feast of the Resurrection. We do not want our religious festivals and ceremonies to be haunted by anxiety and fear. We do not want our women and daughters to be molested in crowds of New Year’s Eve revellers.

We, Europeans are Christians. All this is ours, and this is how we live…

Please note that the above text violated the “Community Standards” of the British left-liberal The Guardian and it was censored.


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  1. So there is some Christian bones left in Viktor Orban, as he organized a people smuggling from Macedonia, through Albania, Montenegro and Serbia into Hungary using Hungarian diplomatic cars for the convicted Macedonian politician Gruevski.
    Gruevski was of course charged by the new independent special Prosecutor established in Macedonia with the help from the EU, as part of Macedonia’s preparation to join the EU. This is the same type of special Prosecutor Romania’s Socialists, with the support of Orban’s Fidesz, is trying to get rid of. Obviously True Christians recognize each others./

    As a True Christian, Orban lets the Hungarian Tax Payers pay for this Macedonian refugee living in a Budapest Luxery hotel, instead of spending his time, waiting for the ‘strict legal decision’ of his request for asylum, in a cold unheated facility in the Hungarian Transit zone, without food. That service is of course restricted for Christians from the MidEast, like from Syria.


    • Gruevski tried to block the hordes of illegal migrants from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia and he was toppled with Soros’ help. The current Macedonian “Socialist” government is backed by Soros and pro-migration EU. So it’s very commendable that Mr. Orbán’s government provides refuge to Mr. Gruev.


      • Strange, then what killed-off this corrupt politician’s carrier was the Przino agreement (2 June – 15 July 2015), which was a political agreement between the main political parties in the Republic of Macedonia with the mediation of the European Union. The agreement ended the Macedonian political and institutional crisis in the first half of 2015. Part of it was the early resignation of prime minister Nikola Gruevski in January 2016 and a caretaker government to bring the country to general elections in June 2016, as well as a Special prosecutor to lead the investigations about the eventual crimes highlighted by the wiretapping scandal, that led to violent clashes in May 2015 – way before Europe or Macedonia were speaking about any ‘immigrant invasion’…

        To refresh your false memory, here is the time-line:
        * 20-23 Augusti 2015:
        To cut off the flow of migrants crossing from Greece, Macedonia deploys riot police and calls for the state of emergency. Around 3.000 migrants spend the night out in the open. On 23 August the Macedonian army eventually allows migrants to move on to Serbia.

        * 18 November 2015:
        Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia announce that they would only allow people from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to pass through their borders.

        * 23 November 2015
        After this announcement, 1.500 migrants from Pakistan, Iran and Morocco are stuck near the Greek-Macedonian border town of Idomeni. Some of the migrants withdraw back to inland Greece.

        * 28 November 2015:
        Macedonia starts constructing a fence on its southern border with Greece.

        So you see, Fidesz’ propaganda is one thing, reality another.

        But even if we would buy your false memories – you do not see any problems that Hungarian diplomats smuggled this convicted ex-politician from Macedonia to Hungary, through Albania, Macedonia and Serbia, violating another Sovereign State?


  2. “The fundamental elements of European life are now under attack. There is now a threat to the self-evident nature of European life: those things one should not need to think deeply about, but on which one only has to act.”
    So true with Hungary’s PM leading the attack on normal decency and Christian humanity:
    Mrs. Kálmán Oláh (62) has been homeless for the last five months after her partner of 14 years died. Their apartment was on his name, and the man’s relatives after a year wouldn’t let her stay on. Soon she will be eligible for a pension. Since she has cancer, she can work only part time, mostly cleaning houses. She is well dressed, and if she just sat on a park bench no one would ever think she was homeless. But unfortunately, she had a blanket, a pillow, and a dog. She was warned three times during the course of October 17. After the fourth warning, the police took all her belongings and her dog.

    Mrs. Oláh was once a stenographer and typist in the ministry of interior and later secretary to one of the middle managers of a private firm. In 1995 she left for the United States where she spent a few years, but, to her regret, she returned to Hungary. She said that her homelessness is temporary because she is in the middle of a law suit over her claim to the apartment.
    Arrested and convicted just for being homeless.


    • Since she had been warned three times, it’s absolutely right that she was arrested and convicted for breaking the law. This is how things must be done.


      • She was warned three times inside a few hours, or was it minutes?
        That is your old Kadar-era Police you remember with a warm and fuzzy feeling…


        • The majority of Hungarian voters approve very clearly and very decidedly the policies of Orbán’s government. I understand these don’t provide you with warm and fuzzy feelings.

          So I suggest you should move back to your very liberal and very “multicultural” homeland (Sweden) in order to ensure that you also have warm and fuzzy feelings like I do.


          • Well, just look at these ungrateful Hungarian refugees 1957 in Ireland, similar stories happened in Austria, and this week the Austrian Government cut the social benefits for Hungarians working in Austria.
            It is nice to be loved by thou neighbours…

            On the other hand – In Sweden I run a much lower risk of getting murdered, than in Hungary. You guys just love killing each other.


            • Sure. Then you should really return to Sweden.
              There your young children may also change their gender at the taxpayer’s expense!


              • Children here are defined as being between 15 and 18 yo.
                They get help, after a proper investigation, to handle their identified problems.
                In Fidesz Hungary aka Whorbanistan, they would just be beaten up by the Police and ‘upright citizens’, so no wonder you enjoy this place.
                In Sweden it is illegal to sell and buy sex – in Hungary it is legal…just go out with the dog in some small forest and soon you will see a car parked…


                • No, unfortunately they wouldn’t be beaten up (even though a thorough beating may solve their problem) but it’s a wonder why you enjoy this place and why you don’t go back to Sweden.


                  • Maybe because Sweden is already full of ‘ungrateful Hungarian migrants’, so what what would be the difference?

                    In the 80s the (already illegal) prostitution in Stockholm was said to be controlled by Hungarians, which is no wonder when you see the eternal Fidesz Hungarian Minister of Interior (responsible for the Police) claims it is OK that 14 yo Hungarian girls prostitute themselves as they like to do that…Maybe you should recommend your therapy for trans-/homo-sexuals to them also – roughing up small girls have its rewards, right?


                    • The difference would be you, of course.

                      You could be happily cheering for the politically correct liberal claptrap in Sweden. Instead now you suffer from Orbán’s illiberal dictatorship in Hungary…
                      And you’re in for a lot more suffering unless you leave Hungary at last.


  3. This text did not violate any standards for Russia Today:
    “Russian President Vladimir Putin has likened communism to Christianity and Vladimir Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square to the veneration of the relics of saints.

    “Maybe I’ll say something that someone might dislike, but that’s the way I see it,” Putin said in an interview for the documentary Valaam, an excerpt of which was broadcast on Russia 1. “First of all, faith has always accompanied us, becoming stronger every time our country, our people, have been through hard times.

    “There were those years of militant atheism when priests were eradicated, churches destroyed, but at the same time a new religion was being created. Communist ideology is very similar to Christianity, in fact: freedom, equality, brotherhood, justice – everything is laid out in the Holy Scripture, it’s all there. And the code of the builder of communism? This is sublimation, it’s basically just an excerpt from the Bible, nothing new was invented.””
    So when will we hear Whorban admit his Communist roots…and that they are Christian?


  4. Southern Baptist in Seattle

     /  08/01/2018

    are we saved by the culture of Christianity or by the Savior, Christ Himself? This may sound obvious, but I’m glad that Christianity is on fire in America. The more the world burns it down, the more it chases the false convert out of the church; and more the flase convert is not in the church, both the easier he is to find and the easier he is to evangelize to. God be praised that the church is being put to the torch. Are we back to outright persecution in the West? No, and this too is a mercy of God for the present time.

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