Of Jobbik, the illegal migrants and refugees

These days we may witness quite peculiar developments in Hungarian domestic politics… which do have international relevance.  One may definitely spot a universal pattern for the left-liberal attitude in general and their so-called “values” in the following story!

As some of my readers may know, Jobbik is a (former?) far-right party which surfaced out of nowhere in Hungary in about 2008. They appeared on the political scene by their winning three European parliamentary seats in 2009 and then they made it into the Hungarian Parliament in 2010 as a rather significant opposition force. Their main political agenda appeared to be creating and riding anti-Gypsy and anti-Jewish sentiments arising from Hungary’s de-facto economic bankruptcy  in 2008.   The international mainstream media were very keen indeed to illustrate all their reports from Hungary with such pictures of “Nazi Jobbik rallies”:


A 2014 picture of Jobbik supporters from an MSM article (Reuters)

The so-called “progressive forces”, that is the remnants of the PC-liberal regime which ran amok in Hungary between 2002 and 2010, never failed to accuse Fidesz and PM Orbán of collusion with “Nazi Jobbik” either in those times.

As in 2010, PM Orbán’s Fidesz-KDNP  had a landslide victory again in 2014.   The climax of the  illegal migration crisis , which put Hungary in international limelight, occurred in the autumn of 2015.  This was the time when Orbán’s government eventually built a border fence in order to protect Hungary, and Europe, from the so-called “refugees”, that is hordes of Middle Eastern and African illegal migrants whose influx was actively supported by the “NGOs” of George Soros, by Angela Merkel’s Germany and by the EU itself, stormed Hungary.   Then Jobbik demanded “tougher measures” against them and the “progressive ones”, that is the postcommunists and PC-liberals, were blowing the Refugees Welcome Because Illegal Migration is a Basic Human Right trumpets.  You may know this as the deeply hypocritical and false  “Willkommenskultur” phenomenon.

Then only about a year later,   Jobbik and those progressive ones,  the very same people who used to drool about “Orbán’s collusion with the neo-Nazi Jobbik”,  started to befriend each other spectacularly. This rapid process was called “Jobbik’s people’s party turn”.   Soon PC-liberal “celebrities”, such as Marxist philosopher Ágnes Heller, started advocating “a technical coalition with Jobbik in order to remove Orbán from power”. The international mainstream media quickly followed suit and they took a liking to Jobbik very soon, too.

So ex-“Nazi” Jobbik campaigned against a referendum which the Orbán-government initiated so that Hungary’s Constitution could be changed in order to block the EU’s mandatory migrant quotas. (The ruling parties lost their supermajority in a by-election in 2015 which they won on the 2014 elections as they did in 2010.   A supermajority, that is two thirds of the seats in the Hungarian Parliament, is needed to change the Hungarian Constitution.).  Jobbik didn’t vote for the proposed constitution amendment  and they also tried to blackmail the government parties.  Soon Jobbik even stood up for the so-called “civil organizations”,  Soros-financed  NGO’s supporting and organizing illegal migration into Europe, and his privileged Central European University which is a training facility for PC-liberal Social Justice Warriors!

Vona, leader of the radical Jobbik party attends an interview with Reuters in Budapest

A 2017 picture about Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona in an MSM article (Reuters)

And now comes the punchline of the story.  It made news a few weeks ago that Hungary provided temporary protection to about 1300 people in 2017 who submitted their asylum application at the border fence.  PM Orbán said in a  radio interview last Friday:

That is about people who are in need of protection, who are in need of protection under international law: people who differ from migrants in the sense that, first of all, they knocked on our door. The migrants, you see, left a trail of destruction on our country’s border and they entered the territory of Hungary illegally; and not only did they fail to obey Hungary’s laws, but they declared that they would not obey our laws. The people we are talking about now – these 1,300 people – politely waited at the border, they knocked on our door, they went to the official border crossing-points, and they told us that they needed protection. Most of them, by the way, are women and unaccompanied minors. The Hungarian authorities said that they would examine their applications; and incidentally the legal basis for this is formed by the international asylum conventions, which the Hungarian parliament earlier incorporated into our legal system. We have never accepted EU regulations on migrant quotas, and we shall never adopt them. So here in Hungary nobody can claim any rights based on those regulations. So we’ve assessed these people, we’ve seen that they truly are in need of protection, and we’ve granted them this on a temporary basis. This is an important point, because from the moment that they no longer need protection they must immediately return to where they came from.

So they won’t become Hungarian citizens?

They never will be. In Brussels we are condemned, and organisations operating in Hungary which support immigration condemn us, because we only grant protection which is temporary, and we don’t offer the opportunity of permanent residence. Incidentally the figures on exactly how many such people are present in Hungary are regularly released by the Immigration Office.

Now the left-liberal “progressive ones” in Hungary, in unison  with their newly found ally Jobbik, are talking of  “Orbán backing migration, conspiracy to settle migrants in Hungary”!  Hungarian speakers may want to watch  this  recent  video as a “Hungarian Cathy Newman” was serving as a microphone stand for a Jobbik party spokesman for this very purpose.  You just couldn’t make this up.



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  1. pantanifan

     /  25/01/2018

    Hi Leto,
    Just a few questions for you:
    – Do you think it’s a pure coincidence that the number of people who “politely waited at the border, they knocked on our door” and needed protection is almost exactly the same as the number of refugees/migrants the EU wanted to impose on Hungary under the compulsory(?) scheme?
    – If the Fidesz-led government was being so kind-hearted in looking after people seeking shelter, why did they not try to publicize their “generosity”?
    – No comment on Carpathian Viking’s remarks about the fines on Opposition parties, but no investigation of Fidesz until 2019 (after the elections)?


    • Hi pantanifan,

      1/ Yes.

      2/ If you donate some money to a charity to help the victims of some disaster then are you going to publicize this? BTW, these statistical data were, are and will be available on the web page of the Hungarian Immigration Office: http://www.bmbah.hu/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=177&Itemid=1232&lang=hu

      3/ Since you do speak Hungarian, I’ll just link an article in the LEFT-LIBERAL newsportal index.hu for you which provides the answer: https://index.hu/belfold/2018/01/04/allami_szamvevoszek_fidesz_ellenzek_szerencse/
      Please feel free to translate it for Carpathian Viking… though, having spent decades in Hungary, even he might be able to understand it.


      • pantanifan

         /  25/01/2018

        1) Coincidences can happen but I think it’s very unlikely on the highest-profile political issue of the last 2 years in Hungary
        2) The analogy is not the same – I’m not trying to get elected(!) and, in any case, the Hungarian Government has spent a huge amount of taxpayers’ money advertising their position on refugees/migrants.
        3) Fair enough, though interesting that you choose to quote index.hu, which the government is apparently boycotting because of its ownership links to ex-Fidesz oligarch Simicska! As far as I know, the State Audit Office has never imposed such huge fines on political parties before…


        • 1) If you had checked the numbers at the link I gave you then you would have seen the number wasn’t the same as the EU mandatory quota.
          2) It’s a good enough analogy for me.
          3) I meant to short-cut the “Fidesz propaganda” riposte. I suppose you’ll agree that index.hu is, and always was, anti-Fidesz/Orbán. Just like you.


  2. “As some of my readers may know, Jobbik is a (former?) far-right party which surfaced out of nowhere in Hungary in about 2008.”

    If they know that, then they are as confused as you and this article.
    “Jobbik” was formed 24 October 2003 by people tired of MIEP (an older more pro neo-Nazi party, that supported Fidesz’ 1st Government 98-02).
    “Jobbik”‘s first campaign was against Chinese immigrants in Hungary, then at that time every Hungarian village had a cheap ‘Chinese shop’.

    “Jobbik” rose to National fame for being directly involved in the beginning of the protest/riots in September 2006. The Hungarian PM at that time, Gyurcsany, blamed them is one example. At that time the ultra-nationalist HVIM and different football-hooligan organisations were cooperating with “Jobbik”. After 2014, HVIM and many other ultra-nationalist groups have distanced themselves from “Jobbik” and neared Fidesz instead.

    “Jobbik” was in the beginning very similar to old MIEP, with a clear anti-Jewish agenda and from 2006 very anti-Roma (which was and still latent). In this sense they did not resemble your average West-European organisations like Front National and Geert Wilders.
    “Jobbik” was even very pro-Islam, especially under its pro-Turan period around 2010, when they tried, together with some people inside Fidesz, revive the old Hungarian Turanism from the 30s, but especially after Fidesz understood that they could stay in power by blaming refugees and Islam, “Jobbik” has also dropped its earlier pro-Islam approach.
    But it is no secret that both Vona and Whorban admires Erdogan, but Vona and Whorban, who earlier cooperated a lot, have now fallen out with eachoter, when “Jobbik” has copme up as the biggest single threat against Fidesz.

    “Jobbik” is now such a big threat against Fidesz, that Fidesz had them fined for a fantasy-sum for something that cannot be legally tried in a Court of Law, and that is indeed something “we may witness quite peculiar developments in Hungarian domestic politics…”.
    On the other hand Fidesz does not discriminate, the all other Opposition Parties have been got similar fines for paying too low rent for their party offices, which is an arbitrary new rule that is ONLY applied to the Opposition. The rent for Fidesz’ party offices are of course totally OK…


    • As always, you’re the one who is confused. 🙂

      The Jobbik-MIÉP alliance won 2.2% of the votes on the 2006 elections, that is well below the 5 percent parliamentary entry threshold: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_parliamentary_election,_2006

      Hardly anybody knew about Jobbik until about 2008.


      • “The Jobbik-MIÉP alliance won 2.2% of the votes on the 2006 elections…Hardly anybody knew about Jobbik until about 2008”

        which was in April 2006.
        The riots “Jobbik” was partly behind started September 18 and then the Prime Minister at the time, Gyurcsany, made them famous, for those Hungarians who did not know them before.
        Just stay with the facts.


        • You speak rubbish as you always do…

          I stays with the facts and I dug up data from the left-leaning polling company Tárki only for your sake:

          Support among decided voters for Jobbik:

          December 2008: 2%
          May 2009: 5%
          July 2009: 10%
          March 2010: 12%
          March 2011: 14%
          March 2012: 19%
          March 2013: 16%
          March 2014: 20%
          April 2015: 24%
          April 2016: 20%
          April 2017: 17%
          October 2017: 15%

          So actually I was slightly wrong indeed because hardly anybody knew Jobbik until the spring of 2009. Sorry that I wrote “about 2008” from the top of my head.


          • Your claim was “Jobbik is a (former?) far-right party which surfaced out of nowhere in Hungary in about 2008”. That you now adjust the year to 2009 has nothing to do with electoral result.
            The statement “surfaced out of nowhere in Hungary” implies it was not known or did not exist before whatever time you chose.
            This is wrong.
            “Jobbik” was well-known before 2009/2008, even if it did not show up in the polls. Another reason for being well-known, except being advertised by the Prime Minister 2006, Gyurcsany, for being behind the riots , was the Magyar Garda, which according to wiki:

            “Magyar Gárda Mozgalom (English: Hungarian Guard Movement) founded by Magyar Gárda Hagyományőrző és Kulturális Egyesület (English: Hungarian Guard Association for Protection of Traditions and Culture) was the de facto paramilitary wing of the nationalist Jobbik party in Hungary. It was founded through an “oath of loyalty to Hungary” by its members in Buda Castle, Budapest, on 25 August 2007.”

            Magyar Garda and hence “Jobbik” became rather famous internationally, as it already was in Hungary. A big deal about this was their outspoken anti-Ziganism in which they coined the expression ‘Gypsy Crime’. That and disappointment with Fidesz failed ‘Colour Revolution’ in October 2006 were what lead “Jobbik” to increase in the polls, then in
            Hungary Hatred Wins Votes
            aka HHWV-formula.


            • No, the statement “surfaced out of nowhere in Hungary” implied that hardly anybody knew about Jobbik before the 2009 EP elections. As I pointed out with a reference, they had only a two percent electoral support in the December of 2008 and they were backed by 10 percents of the decided voters in July, 2009. The former means an obscure political formation and the latter a significant small party in political terms.


              • You confuse being well-known with being electable. With your logic hardly any Hungarians would know Gyurcsany today, or Soros…


                • I get your point but my remark was still accurate. The very rapid change from 2% to 10% in only half a year suggests Jobbik did go from obscurity (being unknown) to being a well-known party. People’s political views simply don’t change so fast. The 8% who didn’t support Jobbik in December, 2008 had the same political views then as half a year later.

                  The percentages of the undecided voters were the very same at both times. Support for Fidesz-KDNP didn’t change either. The only significant change in this particular period was that MSZP fell from 16% to 11%. http://www.tarki.hu/hu/research/elect/live_table_01.html

                  Yes, Jobbik swelled from the collapse of the MSZP voter base. This is no surprise, of course, since according to sociological surveys made by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s, MSZP had the highest share of anti-Gypsy (and incidentally most anti-Jewish) voters among all parties. These MSZP supporters didn’t really know about Jobbik until the spring of 2009 when they started supporting Jobbik in droves.



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