About me

I’m a Hungarian supporter of Fidesz and  Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.  I’m not a card-carrying member  and I’m not  associated with the party or the government in any way and this blog reflects solely my own political views.

Moderation policy: No obscenity will be tolerated. No anti-Hungarian trolling will be tolerated.  Comments targeted against my person, against Fidesz or Mr. Orbán will be tolerated as long as they don’t radiate hatred.

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  1. Géza

     /  27/11/2014

    Where are your posts Leto? I always enjoy them. hope you are fine?


  2. El Torrero

     /  09/06/2014

    I like it that you do not aspire to be objective or impartial in the slightest bit. Mr. Kerényi must be so proud of you… 3:)


    • Mr. Kerényi can be proud of people only he knows about and I doubt that’s the case concerning my person. I myself don’t like it when people claim they are objective or impartial in politics. I don’t like liars.


  3. Géza

     /  02/04/2014

    great blog Leto! Are you Leto who comments on politics.hu? If so, we had some discussions there… 🙂


    • Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Yes, I am that poster. In accordance with my moderation policy stated above, I won’t tolerate the anti-Hungarian trolling one can see there but I’ll put up with criticism. Unfortunately I’ve received only a few critical comments so far… 😮


      • Géza

         /  03/04/2014

        hahaha I am happy this blog is free of that kind of anti Hungarian trolling you can see there 🙂 At a certain moment I was really fed up with those unsubstantiated, negative comments there. Most of them are followers of Eva Balogh, don’t have to say more… 😉 Criticism is okay as long as it is honest and fair!

        Keep up the good work, I am sure I will enjoy myself here…


  4. Jaz

     /  09/01/2014

    متعلم, مثقف, بارع, مؤدب, مهذب
    Salam, do you speak Arabic?
    I spent a year in Hungary from 1999 to 2000 it was absolutely great! shame about how things turned up though. My Hungarian friends tell me that things are quite bad! When the politicians are corrupt they can destroy the whole country and turn people’s lives upside down! I hope things will get better.


    • Hi Jaz,

      Oh, thanks! 🙂 (I used Google Translate).

      No, unfortunately I learned only a bit of Arabic. Say, I can read out this cool script, more or less, and I know some words and a bit of grammar.
      As far as things in Hungary are concerned, I think now we are getting out of the mess. 🙂
      Glad to learn you had a great time in Hungary.


  5. Angela Bogaczy

     /  11/11/2013

    This astonishes me, Leto: ‘ No anti-Hungarian trolling will be tolerated’. I am used to the converse! Well done, and the best of luck with this beautifully presented blog. My feeling, in the light of the erudition, wit and informative character of your first article, is that it will do very well indeed.


  6. ZriniIlona

     /  09/11/2013

    Nobody calls Leto an idiot! At least he knows what he is talking about, unlike you, Earnest


  7. Thanks for demonstrating what is anti-Hungarian and what will be summarily deleted on this blog: “As a true Hungarian you can’t stand freedom of expression”
    In contrast posts like “As a Fidesz-supporter you can’t stand freedom of expression” won’t be deleted.
    Your calling me an idiot is also fine as far as moderation is concerned.


  8. Earnest

     /  08/11/2013

    The most meaningful statement I can make at this place is to call you an idiot. And then I behave well compared to the dirt you normally write down on other people’s websites. Curious how long it will take you to delete this comment. As a true Hungarian you can’t stand freedom of expression. Well for other people than yourself that is.



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