Freedom of speech in the West

My (moderately successful) Twitter “career” has ended.

After four years and almost 21 thousand tweets, Twitter   suspended my account last week because I replied to an arrogant  homosexual a couple of months ago (in January!) that “You’re mentally ill. Homosexuality is a mental disorder.” … and then I blocked him/her. According to the Twitter censors, this tweet was considered “hate speech”.

I appealed their decision by pointing out that the American Psychiatric Association (APA)  removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders  in 1973 and the World Health Organization did so only  in 1992.   See, for example, When Homosexuality Stopped Being a Mental Disorder.

Screenshot-2018-4-28 Leto مؤدّب ( politicshungary) Twitter


In fact there are pretty good arguments for that both professional organizations removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses only  for political and not for professional reasons.

Twitter has disregarded my argument and they simply repeated their standard blurb about “hate speech” in their reply.  It goes without saying that I’m not going to delete that tweet.

This is how things go in “the free world” now.


Darth Gattonegra


It’s high time for a black kitty post


Merry Christmas!


My all-time favourite football player


I think Pusskas should be hired for 100 million Euros.  However, keeping Suarez in mind, with good conduct claws.

The opposite ones

The Hungarian people have bred, with centuries’ work, the perfect opposite of themselves. It’s a being that is always cheerful, merry as a grig, which see only the good in everyone and which is infinitely nice to everyone. It’s a being that trusts the whole Created World, that doesn’t mull over the past and doesn’t worry about the future.

Meet the Hungarian Vizsla!  (The quote is from here)



Vizsla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Hungarian Vizsla named "Ginger Gypsy Ro...

A Hungarian Vizsla named “Ginger Gypsy Rose” playing with sticks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Okay… this post is seriously unbalanced… Let me fix that immediately:


A Black Beauty





How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!

The world’s very best lumber sport competitors will compete in Buda Castle,  Budapest… and now Hungary’s István Juhász, the only amateur athlete in the race, is going to chop wood, too!

Er, I think I really do need to publish a black cat picture so that somehow this news, which I wanted to let you know about, would fit in this blog…


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Shameless cat criminal steals pants

I’m sometimes (er… often!) accused of being biased for cats. So let me counteract this  impression and let me introduce the dark side of felines.  Denis, the Menace is a cat criminal who steals socks, sandals, Barbie dolls and even thongs!

His only excuse   I can think of  is that he’s not entirely black.

What does this have to do with politics in Hungary? Er… not much, I’m afraid. After all Dennis contributes to cat criminality  in England.  However it’s been a good while since I posted about cats. 😮

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Santa Cat is coming to town…

I wish Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my dear readers!

Áldott Karácsonyi Ünnepeket és Boldog Új Évet kívánok minden kedves olvasóimnak!

Santa Cat


Blah, I’m not interested. Please make it wriggle for me!

That thing called Christmas tree needs to be decorated properly... how about mice and birds?

That thing called Christmas tree needs to be decorated properly… how about mice and birds?

The World’s Top 10 Best Images of Cats Drinking Wine

Wine country Hungary suits wine-drinking cats… 😀

English Kitler

English kitler

A Hitler-lookalike from England 🙂

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