On conservatism

English philosopher and political thinker Sir Roger Scruton, who is held in especially high esteem in Central Europe and Hungary, gave a lecture on conservatism in the Danube Institute a few months ago. I’ve just noticed a video recording is now available.






National Sovereignty or Global Governance?

This is an interesting lecture given by American political analyst John Fonte, director of the Center for American Common Culture at the Hudson Institute, in the Danube Institute and it is discussing the issue of national sovereignty in the 21st century.

The Danube Institute is an independent think-tank in Budapest, “established  for intellectual debate between conservatives and classical liberals and their democratic opponents in Central Europe”.

Here is a very interesting interview (unfortunately in Hungarian) with John O’Sullivan,  the executing manager of DI, once a special councillor to British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and editor of British and US conservative newspapers, and DI deputy manager Gerald Frost.   Please stay tuned because I’m going to review it in a later post.

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