Freedom of speech in the West

My (moderately successful) Twitter “career” has ended.

After four years and almost 21 thousand tweets, Twitter   suspended my account last week because I replied to an arrogant  homosexual a couple of months ago (in January!) that “You’re mentally ill. Homosexuality is a mental disorder.” … and then I blocked him/her. According to the Twitter censors, this tweet was considered “hate speech”.

I appealed their decision by pointing out that the American Psychiatric Association (APA)  removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders  in 1973 and the World Health Organization did so only  in 1992.   See, for example, When Homosexuality Stopped Being a Mental Disorder.

Screenshot-2018-4-28 Leto مؤدّب ( politicshungary) Twitter


In fact there are pretty good arguments for that both professional organizations removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses only  for political and not for professional reasons.

Twitter has disregarded my argument and they simply repeated their standard blurb about “hate speech” in their reply.  It goes without saying that I’m not going to delete that tweet.

This is how things go in “the free world” now.


RTL Klub war plan with moralizing on freedom of press

The freedom of press is a morally higher consideration than the questions of viewing rates and economic issues…

said  Péter Kolosi, a top leader of the commercial TV channel RTL Klub ,  in an interview  why  RTL Klub attacked Lőrinc Mészáros,  the mayor of Felcsút*, so hard in their Wednesday night news programme.  RTL Klub is owned  by the German Bertelsmann conglomerate. (You know that company which  was the biggest single producer of Nazi propaganda during WWII)

So here goes a real miracle: a commercial TV channel which puts freedom of press  first and its profits second!  Or at least they are going to do so from now on because one wouldn’t have thought this has been their priority list so far,  judging from  their programming which consists of reality shows deeply humiliating and exploiting their “stars”,  trash soap operas, tabloid news  only, etc.  Luckily they are going to mean it now.  And  all this miraculous change  for the better required only that they  pay a bit of tax…

Have you made a war plan (against the government) at RTL Klub?” , the reporter asked the commercial TV manager later

Certainly” was the answer.

* Felcsút is the village where Prime Minister Orbán grew up and where he’s got a house and where he established the Ferenc Puskás Football Academy.  The Hungarian Parliament passed a new law  on Tuesday which is going to make RTL Klub pay a lot of advertisement  tax.

Oh, the European Commission has announced already today that they are examining the content of the ad tax act  passed on Tuesday.   They are so damn quick… in such a case.

Media freedom has ceased to exist in Hungary … yet again

If this tax would be enforced then there won’t be media freedom in Hungary more.


said  Andreas Rudas, RTL Group manager.  He added that “we stand up for the conflict  and the idea of leaving Hungary doesn’t even cross our mind”.

Mind you that media freedom has ceased today in Hungary because the tax law has been passed by the Parliament. In fact  media freedom ceased to exist in Hungary already in 2012 when the new media law was passed … and then it has ceased to exist on about each day since then.

Der Spiegel, the British Reuters, the Guardian, the Washington Post, etc. also chimed in the concert and they all emphasized that the pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet also protested against the new ad tax.  Well, they are not exempt from it either… or wait, in fact they are because no tax must be paid up to 500 million Forints. That means no Hungarian daily, weekly and monthly newspapers will pay.  However the trash (“commercial”) TV channels, like RTL, do have to pay up.



Ah, yes, this ad tax is really just a foot in the door because Google and Facebook, which don’t  pay any tax in Hungary, are meant to be the main  targets.


Freedom of press in Orbán’s dictatorship

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

You must have noticed that ass which you have grown to replace your face. I understand if you don’t bother, you have already been treated with such kind of anomaly…

wrote  journalist Árpád W. Tóta in a left-liberal weekly two months ago.  No, he’s not in prison and he’s been still writing similar things almost each day.

The same journalist was introduced as “a very influential, extremely famous blogger” in a public debate  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands two years ago.   Hungary’s political situation and the freedom of press was the topic.  Mr. Tóta told the Western audience that Hungary is a dictatorship. He also added that “the  press in Hungary is not free, everything is controlled by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Western press doesn’t see this”.

According to today’s report by Freedom House, a US government sponsored organization,  Hungary’s press is only “partly free” and they rank “political rights” worse than in 2006 and 2007.  Then Freedom House’s evaluated Hungary’s freedom of speech as “free”.   “Freedom rating”, “civil liberties”, “political rights”  were given the highest  grades in 2006 and 2007.    That was when the media hegemony  of the Socialist-leftliberal regime was still unbroken (though Hír TV was delivering huge blows to it).  That was when the government held “left-liberal media friends only” press conferences. It was the autumn of 2006 when police terror reigned in the streets of Budapest.  Watch this documentary:

Once again, this is from 2006 when Freedom House gave the highest grade for Hungary’s “civil liberties” and “political rights”.



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