Jesus approves


Jimmy knows that he would. He surely would. Jimmy knows that Jesus would approve of abortion and  Jimmy probably knows, too, that Jesus would approve of the toilet habits of transgender people and gender non-conforming cisgender people.  And of the fifty-some other so-called genders.  Jimmy knows that Jesus would approve of smoking marijuana. Oh, yes, he knows.

Jimmy has been given a Nobel Prize.  Well, not in physics or biology.   He’s got a Barack Obama-styled  Nobel Prize.


Political correctness kills the West

The mass sexual attacks on German women in Cologne and many other German cities (and, as later it turned out, there were similar incidents in Salzburg, Austria or Finland, etc. too) have been eye-opening for many people.  However the biggest eye-opener was  the fact that the whole German media, in unison with the German authorities, could cover up events of this importance and of scale for four full days! These events also revealed where the “progressives”, the politically correct feminists, etc. really stand.


Prime Minister Orbán said about today’s politically correct liberalism a few months ago:

[politically correctness uses] an anti-democratic, liberal language and that’s an ironic development because liberalism was once for freedom but now it stands for the opposite

Yes, modern liberalism is showing its true colours at last.

The politically correct liberal government of the Netherlands has been very vocal to condemn Hungary, and recently Poland, regarding freedom of speech, media laws, “checks and balances” and what-have-you.  Now we have learned the Dutch cops are policing anti-migration comments. They are even threatening social media users by visiting them in their homes, only because they oppose government policies.

Unless people in the Western civilization, that is Europe, North America and Australia will wake up very soon and its citizens will vote accordingly, to preserve their identity, their way of life and culture,  soon the lethal politically correct mix of “multiculturalism”, “anti-racism”, “gender theory”, “gay rights”, “feminism”, “anti-clericalism”, the constant accusations of “Islamophobia” or “anti-Semitism”, “Fascism”, besmirching patriotism and elevating cosmopolitanism will kill our Christianity-based civilization entirely.

To demand/recommend/ask from others not to live sexual life according to their sexual orientation is nonsense and unlawful. People should have such expectations only towards themselves.


“Ten statements about homosexuality” by György Balavány in the left-liberal weekly HVG.


My comment:  I wonder if the veeeeeery liberal author thought of  other paraphilias like paedophilia, necrophiliascatophilia, zoophilia, etc. , too…



Hurrah, I live in EU’s only dictatorship

Hungary may well be the European Union’s only dictatorship

the global news agency Bloomberg commented after  Fidesz won another landslide victory in democratic and free elections.

The  postcommies and libnazis  are whining madly about “”free but not fair elections”.  Their foreign comrades, their  sponsors  and their overlords try to amplify that wailing hard.  They all drivel about that “only” 62% percents of Hungarian voters cast their votes and “only” 45% of these supported Fidesz but that still resulted in 66% of the seats and how “unfair” that is.  Let’s note that these figures would have resulted in more than 90 percents of the MP seats for Fidesz under the pure “first-pass-the-post” electoral system of the UK. Can anybody recall a lot of crying about the “unfairness” of the British election system and what a dictatorship the UK is?

Terrified people in front of the Hungarian Parliament, demonstrating against the dictator who got 45% percents of the votes in free but unfair elections

Other  mouthpieces of  the globalist big businesses took similar viewpoints like Bloomberg:

  • The Wall Street Journal wrote about “Hungary’s reactionary lurch” in its editorial.
  • The Washington Post posted a hostile piece, written by Charles Gáti, drooling about a “personally managed, semi-authoritarian” regime.
  • Earlier they published an editorial, whining about Hungary’s banning the so-called “gay marriage”,  with the conclusion that “the European Union and NATO should not tolerate a member government that violates fundamental democratic principles”
  • The Telegraph posted a blog entry titled “Hungary is becoming the biggest reason why we may have to leave the EU”
  • Reuters congratulated  with the usual Nazi-theme.
  • The (British!!!) Financial Times cries  like this: “The EU cannot continue to look the other way as a member undermines its democratic standards”.

The list could be probably continued for a long time, of course…

All in all, I’m quite pleased that my vote contributed to all these articles.

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The War on Life

Hungary’s conservative government is planning to enact stricter controls on voluntary sterilization:  only adults with three children of their own or over 40 years of age would be eligible for sterilization as a method of birth control.

According to “Társaság a Szabadságjogokért”, a Hungarian liberal  pressure group,  one’s right to mutilate oneself is a  “basic right” 

In the opinion of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU), conditioning the right for sterilization on a certain number of children or on an age threshold violates the right of self-determination and the right of privacy. Furthermore, it rules out the possibility of considering individual circumstances. The conditioning of constitutional rights, including the right for self-determination, on an age minimum higher than the age of majority should always be properly justified. In this case, we believe the justification is unsatisfactory for such abusive intrusion into private lives and family planning decisions.

As it was the case today in the Supreme Court of the UK, I guess  “the right to die”  will be a “human rights problem” (again) in Hungary, too.

These days the main  “human rights issues”  are  the so-called gay marriage,  various kinds of “right of self-determination”  (  “women’s rights over their bodies”, that is abortion  in plain English, or “one’s right to die”, that is  suicide in plain English.   No kidding but some would  put even the efforts of the Hungarian government to get homeless people off the streets as “a breach of right to self-determination”!).  The right-to-get-stoned (“cannabis legalization”) is an evergreen “human rights” issue in  such liberal circles, of course.

There’s a War on Life.

So I should end this post with a video on the visit of a very inspiring pro-Life warrior to Budapest.

Same-sex “marriage”

Yesterday a large majority of Croatians, 65%,  voted in a referendum to ban the so-called “gay marriage”  and the result means that Croatia’s constitution will be amended accordingly. The left-liberal  Croatian prime minister commented on the outcome of the referendum  in a rather odd way (well, in a truly leftlib way): “this is the last referendum that gives a chance to the majority to strip a minority of its rights.”  It’s really revealing how the so-called “left liberals” think  about democracy, isn’t it?

Why is this news relevant on this blog?  Because Croatia will join Hungary among those European countries whose constitutions define marriage “as a union between a man and a woman”.  Well done, Croatia!    BTW, I highly doubt Croatia will be attacked because of this so much as Hungary was when the new Constitution in 2011 put things right regarding what marriage is meant to be.

Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Ukraine ban same-sex “marriage”  in their constitutions, while Albania, Armenia, Azeribaijan, Bosnia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Gibraltar, Greece, Gurnsey, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco,  Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovakia, Turkey and Vatican don’t recognize any legal form for same-sex relationships but they don’t have constitutional bans.  Hungary recognizes a kind of legal form,  which is not “marriage”,  similarly to  Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

In contrast, Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden legally recognize the so-called “same-sex marriage”. England  and Wales will join this absolutely backwards social trend in 2014.

I’m glad that, unlike Western, Southern and  Northern Europe, at least Central and Eastern Europe  stands firmly in the way of social decadence and decay by calling a spade a spade.  But, as the list above shows, the war isn’t lost in Western and Northern Europe either. Though possibly only  Muslims becoming a majority will restore normality in this question  in these countries. 😦

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