Of mice and left-liberals

Yesterday we could learn from “Reporters without Borders”, a so-called NGO which is similar to Amnesty International and Transparency International, that ” one of Hungary’s last critical media outlets were taken over by Orban allies”. RwB is also a domestic pet of spin doctor George Soros  and yes, Hír TV became pro-government, pro-Orbán on Wednesday after a change of ownership indeed.  So the RwB statement was wailing a lot about Orban’s authoritarian regime which suppresses free media and they  were describing the horrors how liberal media dominatrix Olga Kálmán was fired in an astonishing single day U-turn, etc.   All right, this is no news.  Business as usual.


What perhaps still should make news is that these Champions of Media Freedom and Shining Beacon of Truth have simply failed to mention the following:

Hír TV was established in 2002 when Orbán’s first government lost the elections and his Fidesz party was practically left without any media at all in order to convey their political messages. Responding to Fidesz complaints that the public TV channel became absolutely biased towards the left-liberal government’s agenda, Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy answered: “If you need a TV channel then buy one for yourself”.

Hír TV was much ridiculed and then shunned  by the left-liberals but it become a leading news channel quite soon.  It was undoubtedly pro-Fidesz, pro-Orbán … until “G-Day”, the 6th of February, 2015 when Lajos Simicska, a rich businessman and a former close friend of PM Orbán, the owner of Hír TV, fell out with Orbán and he swore revenge against Orbán.  “I’m going to fire every orbanist!”, he cried on that day … and he did so.  After a series of resignations and firing lots of employees, Hír TV  turned into “free media” from “Orbán’s fascist propaganda tool”  practically overnight.

However Simicska gave up his berserk anti-Orbán campaign after Orbán’s third landslide election this April.  He has shut down the daily Magyar Nemzet, which he had also turned into an anti-Orbán propaganda tool, that is “free media” in left-liberal parlance, from a right-wing conservative newspaper. Now he has sold Hír TV, too, and the old crew and management have been reinstated by the new owners.

So there wasn’t a single word about this side of the story in the statement made by Reporters Without Borders.  Reporters Without Borders should be renamed Rapporteurs Without Borders.


Freedom of speech in the West

My (moderately successful) Twitter “career” has ended.

After four years and almost 21 thousand tweets, Twitter   suspended my account last week because I replied to an arrogant  homosexual a couple of months ago (in January!) that “You’re mentally ill. Homosexuality is a mental disorder.” … and then I blocked him/her. According to the Twitter censors, this tweet was considered “hate speech”.

I appealed their decision by pointing out that the American Psychiatric Association (APA)  removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders  in 1973 and the World Health Organization did so only  in 1992.   See, for example, When Homosexuality Stopped Being a Mental Disorder.

Screenshot-2018-4-28 Leto مؤدّب ( politicshungary) Twitter


In fact there are pretty good arguments for that both professional organizations removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses only  for political and not for professional reasons.

Twitter has disregarded my argument and they simply repeated their standard blurb about “hate speech” in their reply.  It goes without saying that I’m not going to delete that tweet.

This is how things go in “the free world” now.

Hungary punches above her weight

What is the significance of the Hungarian election for the world?


Five years ago, well before the so-called “refugee crisis” of 2015, I posted about the Orbanization of Europe and the “Hungarian disease”. That was  when it became obvious that the “Politically Correct liberal” status quo in the world is being threatened and  Hungary could be in the very epicentre of the global change which could destroy PC-liberalism.

Then came 2015 when, using the words of the left-liberal political site Politico,  which named PM Orban as Number One among those “who are shaping, shaking and stirring Europe”,  and Hungary really started “punching above her weight”, using their words again.

Foreign Policy, an influential American  neolib/con journal wrote this in 2016:

Orban’s populist intuition has enabled him to set the political agenda far beyond Hungary. Despite being one of the EU’s newer and poorer members, his country has punched above its weight.

Then this global political change reached the USA and President Trump was elected last year.  Viktor Orbán was the only Western leader who endorsed Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.  If you look at the comment sections of  neolib-neocon media like The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Yahoo, The Economist, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc. then you will see that a very significant number of their readers sharply reject the false picture their articles draw about Hungary and PM Orbán.  I would risk to say even that PM Orbán has reached a kind of political stardom in the West.

Look East“, suggested a leading French journalist and political thinker in the influential French newspaper Le Figaro a few days ago.

Orbán has invented the theory of illiberalism which he contrasted with liberalism but not with market economy. … This confrontation between liberalism and illiberalism, between ‘the rule of law’ and democracy, will be the main controversy in Europe. … The theory of illiberalism, which was born in Hungary, has spread all over Central Europe…  and this Hungarian theory may be the big chance for the French Right as well.

A popular British newspaper wrote that  “Hungary is a bigger threat to EU than Brexit. How Orbán’s victory could topple Brussels“.  Though I consider this more like a click-bait, I still think there’s a grain of truth in it.  The truth is that Orbán doesn’t want to dismantle the EU.  He wants to change Europe, and the European Union, for the better. He wants to destroy PC-liberalism which, as he said,  is suicide for the West.

As far as Hungarian domestic politics is concerned, with his third landslide election victory, Orbán has become the most successful Hungarian politician of all times. Only the political record of PM István Tisza from the early 20th century comes close  but  Tisza certainly didn’t make an impact in international politics.

One could definitely conclude almost five years after that blog post that  Europe is being “Orbanized” undoubtedly and the “Hungarian disease” is spreading indeed.  Actually it’s spreading even outside Europe. 🙂

What is even more encouraging is that the Orbán’s reply to his spectacular political success was  Soli Deo gloria.


Hypocrisy: USA Meddling In Hungarian Elections

The USA has been behaving like an “overlord”, reminiscent of the Soviet Union, towards Hungary for a good while.   Earlier I posted about several examples for this attitude, the latest blog post was titled “An exercise in deep hypocrisy and imperial arrogance”,

Apparently this trend hasn’t changed in the US Embassy in Budapest or in the State Department in Washington DC at all since Donald Trump took office this January.   Libertarian former US Congressman Ron Paul and his Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity , directed by Daniel McAdams, are doing an absolutely great job to counteract the anti-American sentiments that such an attitude inevitably creates in Hungary.  Their latest Liberty Report discusses the latest encroachment on Hungary’s sovereignty, committed  by the “Deep State”.  Please do watch it because it’s really well worth your time.

At at time when many in the US are obsessed with the idea that Russia might have meddled in our elections last year, the US State Department has announced a new program to overtly meddle in the election of Hungary — a fellow NATO member country. Is this another case of “do as we say, not as we do”? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:


The triumph of reality over the politically correct liberal model



The conclusion of an election model made by a well-known PC-liberal think tank.


Somehow Huffington Post forgot to publish this figure which shows  the time-dependency of their sophisticated mathematical model: 🙂



New Fidesz supermajority is official

After a lot of re-counting and legal appeals by the postcommunist “Government Changers” (Kormányváltók) coalition, Hungary’s High Court (Kúria) has announced their sentence today: the distribution of MPs seats wouldn’t change.   Another Fidesz supermajority after four years in government sounds like a real political miracle.

I do worry about Fidesz though. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  All in all, I think Fidesz got away with relatively little corruption  in the last four years, given the power the Hungarian voters gave to Fidesz and PM Orbán in 2010.  I hope very much I could write the same in 2018…


The seats in the new Parliament


The “Government Changers”, in close cooperation with the global neoliberal media,  have been, and are, trying hard to question the legitimacy of the elections results. Well, that’s one could expect from the  Reding-strategy after all.   One of their major “argument” is that Fidesz got a 67% majority with “only” 45% of the votes and that’s sooooo unjust and it’s soooo dictatorial. They don’t have any answer to the fact, other than ignoring, that Fidesz would have won 95% of the seats under the election rules of the United Kingdom.   They keep whining about “gerrymandering by Fidesz”, “the lack of freedom of speech”, “an electoral system which makes Fidesz impossible to defeat”, etc.   Apparently MSZP chairman Attila Mesterházy didn’t think last December that the very same election rules would prevent them from obtaining a supermajority.    EU propaganda, or US mouthpieces like the Wall Street Journal,  focuses  on Jobbik, which got more votes than in 2010 but a smaller percentage of seats!,  instead of that why Fidesz had another landslide victory or  why their postcommie/left-liberal cronies suffered such a huge defeat again from the Hungarian voters…

Instead of trying to learn from the lessons the Hungarian electorate gave them, the postcommies  have been  playing the “anti-Semitic card” for months and they have been trying very hard, with a lot of help from the aforementioned global media,  to stir up more and more hysteria about a planned monument which will be dedicated to all victims of Hungary’s military occupation by Nazi Germany in 1944.   Maybe I’ll write a separate post about this.  In the meantime I highly recommend reading this (very instructive!) article how a descendant of Holocaust victims,  the leader of the leftist-green party LMP,  was be labelled  and attacked when he had opined in the same way as I wrote in the previous sentence.

And these “progressive, democratic forces who represent European values”, together with their foreign overlords in the EU and in the USA,  are apparently unwilling to face up reality: Hungary has had enough of “Kormányváltók”, that is the wreckage coalition of MSZP, its splinters like the small parties established by former Socialist prime ministers and the leftovers of the now defunct extremist “liberal” party SZDSZ.


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Hungary: Standing Up to the West?

This rare video gives a fair picture of what was happening in Hungary in 2012 in fact and it explains it pretty well why Hungary got so bad publicity from the Western media, often even along the lines of “Democracy in Hungary is dead and Fascism rules”.
If you do want to have a glimpse of the truth about Hungary then this video is to be watched.

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Orbanization of Europe and “the Hungarian disease”

There is a danger that this Orbanization of the pension system policies may spread all over Europe if not counteracted.

A bit of  globalist-neoliberal rage…  about the spreading “Hungarian disease”…. 😀

BTW, Forbes forgot about Russia  where it seems the Hungarian path is going to be followed, too.

Some further “symptoms  of the Hungarian disease”, as Forbes put it, shown by UK Chancellor George Osborne who appears to take the word right out of Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán’s mouth sometimes:

  • “No more ‘something for nothing’, says Osborne on workfare scheme:  The UK is to launch a workfare scheme that will require the long-term unemployed to do community service in return for benefits.”

Not to mention the latest craze by Fidesz or Orbán, that is the  “utility bill cuts”:

Did I miss some other signs for the Orbanization of Europe perhaps?

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