Orbán quotes from today’s speech

Prime Minister held his regular, annual “State of the Nation” speech  this afternoon.


The scene of the speech, “Várkert”, was shamefully derelict until Orbán’s government had it renovated it last year

The transcript is not available in English yet but no doubt you may read it soon on Mr. Orbán’s site here.

As usual, the speech took a broad, historic view and it was spiced up with great metaphors and jokes.  First he gave a broad historic overview of Hungary’s last 150 years, the various eras and its struggles to develop the country. After a few remarks on the political and economic situation,  the second half of the speech was about the migrant crisis and its historic context.  Let’s see some memorable quotes from this part in no particular order:

We should never be dragged into anti-Russian,anti-German or anti-Turkish international political manoeuvres.  Politics based on moral superiority, which is often cultivated in the West, doesn’t fit Hungarian interests.

In Western Europe, now  boundaries are blurred between good and bad, women and men, reality and dreams.

There’s no freedom, community or individual success in the face of reality. There’s only political drug addiction, failures, cynicism and self-destruction if you fight  reality. Maybe this is why there are so many high-minded unhappy liberals in Brussels.

If we don’t act now, the tension between Europe and the Muslim world will be out of control, here on our territory.

It’s not migrants who we should be angry at. They are also victims, they do only what their interest is- but Europe does not do that!

Europe has the capacity to protect itself.  Brussels can’t organise this defence and doesn’t even want to.

How is it even possible to let in masses of people without any control? We just don’t get that here in the Visegrád countries.

Europe is Hellas, it’s not Persia; Europe is Rome, it’s not Carthage. Europe is Christianity, it’s not caliphates.

Some of the Western political elites are cosmopolitan but  people are patriots – these elites don’t understand their own people.

Uncontrolled masses are being transferred into Europe – we don’t know who is a terrorist, who is a criminal, an economic migrant or a refugee: this is CRAZY.

Spring is coming. We must help the countries of the Balkans because they are protecting Europe’s borders.

Hungary is a sovereign country, only those may enter our territory who respect our rules and abide our armed forces.

We cannot let Brussels to place itself above the law. They can’t force us to import their mistakes.There won’t be no-go zones, there won’t be riots in Hungary, there won’t be attacks on refugee centres and gangs are not going to harass our wives and daughters.

We don’t believe that Europe will give up its legacy.  Rest assured Hungary won’t make a single step on that road.

UPDATE:  Watch the speech with English subtitles here.
He speaks about the existential danger Hungary and European civilization face  in the second half.


The Visegrad countries stand up for Europe against Germany and the EU

The Visegrád Group (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) has its 25th birthday today. The prime ministers are just having a summit about border protection and the severe migrant crisis Europe is suffering from. The Macedonian and Bulgarian prime ministers have been invited, too, to the meeting.  The V4 is going to help Macedonia close its Greek border to illegal migration.  Together with the  Bulgarian border fence, which was built years ago(!), this may close the Balkan route at last.

As it’s well-known, the Visegrád countries strongly oppose Germany’s migration policies. Hungary built a razor wire border fence on her Southern borders with Serbia and Croatia last summer in order to block the migrants’ path. The V4 countries also sent police units to patrol the Hungarian border fence. Today Orbán announced in the  Parliament that the border fence will be fortified and preparations are being made to build more sections (obviously on the Rumanian border).  He also indicated  Hungary will strongly commit herself to defending Europe in the Balkans, too.

Now a second line of defense for Europe will be built on the Macedonia-Bulgaria line. The V4 countries have already sent constructing materials and police units to Macedonia.


The Macedonian border fence  is already being built.

Austria, which used to spout a lot of “Willkommenskultur”, also said a few days ago that Macedonia should get prepared for closing its Greek border… That Austria, which is now building a “gate with long sideways wings” (a “fence” in plain English) on its border with Slovenia, and whose chancellor said a few months ago that Hungary’s razor wire reminded him of the Nazi times.

Germany’s government seems to be very unhappy about today’s V4 meeting:

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said Germany had complained to the Slovak Foreign Ministry over the migration summit of the V4 countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, with Macedonia and Bulgaria

The German foreign ministry also said that “Greece should have been invited to the V4 meeting in Prague”. Isn’t that funny? 🙂

The German media, which is now known to be government-supervised to a significant degree, has been quite angry recently about PM Orbán. One of the largest German daily wrote these sentences on Saturday:

Europe is in danger: may destroy the EU… He has organized the Eastern European resistance to Germany’s refugee policies.  Orbán’s Hungary is the greatest shame and danger to Europe.  Orbán is the worst and strongest opponent to Chancellor Merkel’s refugee policy.

The conservative German weekly Die Welt has just published this article titled “Eastern EU is becoming a power factor in Europe – against Germany “. Well, that certainly seems to be so.

There will be an EU summit on the migration crisis on Wednesday. The French prime minister also said a few days ago that

Merkel’s migrant policy ‘unsustainable’

Merkel is clearly losing with her insane migration policies and she’s being isolated.  🙂
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