Political correctness kills the West

The mass sexual attacks on German women in Cologne and many other German cities (and, as later it turned out, there were similar incidents in Salzburg, Austria or Finland, etc. too) have been eye-opening for many people.  However the biggest eye-opener was  the fact that the whole German media, in unison with the German authorities, could cover up events of this importance and of scale for four full days! These events also revealed where the “progressives”, the politically correct feminists, etc. really stand.


Prime Minister Orbán said about today’s politically correct liberalism a few months ago:

[politically correctness uses] an anti-democratic, liberal language and that’s an ironic development because liberalism was once for freedom but now it stands for the opposite

Yes, modern liberalism is showing its true colours at last.

The politically correct liberal government of the Netherlands has been very vocal to condemn Hungary, and recently Poland, regarding freedom of speech, media laws, “checks and balances” and what-have-you.  Now we have learned the Dutch cops are policing anti-migration comments. They are even threatening social media users by visiting them in their homes, only because they oppose government policies.

Unless people in the Western civilization, that is Europe, North America and Australia will wake up very soon and its citizens will vote accordingly, to preserve their identity, their way of life and culture,  soon the lethal politically correct mix of “multiculturalism”, “anti-racism”, “gender theory”, “gay rights”, “feminism”, “anti-clericalism”, the constant accusations of “Islamophobia” or “anti-Semitism”, “Fascism”, besmirching patriotism and elevating cosmopolitanism will kill our Christianity-based civilization entirely.


Obama proudly meddles in Hungarian domestic politics again

Today’s news is that President Obama said at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC that


when a statue of an anti-Semitic leader from World War II was planned in Hungary, we led the charge to convince their government to reverse course.  This was not a side note to our relations with Hungary, this was central to maintaining a good relationship with the United States, and we let them know.

Yes, the president of mighty 320 million-strong superpower USA has boasted that he personally arm-twisted the prime minister of a small 10 million-strong Central European country so that a rural Hungarian city of 100,000 people shouldn’t erect a statue for a most eminent Hungarian historian and numismatics expert who was also a minister during WWII and who co-signed some anti-Jewish document with other legislators.  No, the statue wasn’t a Hungarian government project but it was Prime Minister Viktor Orbán whom President Obama proudly arm-twisted so that he should pressurize the self-government of Székesfehérvár in order to cancel the plans for the statue.  Yes, Obama has won.


Bálint Hóman, an eminent Hungarian historian and a Minister of Education and Culture during WWII


This is the world we live in. It’s pretty much like in the days of the Soviet Union.


The blog revives!

I abandoned this blog a long time ago even though I got encouragement from several people that I should continue posting.  I had collected only a small audience and I found it was too much work to compose well-researched articles with proper references.

A lot of things have happened in Hungarian politics since the October of 2014. Hungary got in the limelight yet again with the illegal migration crisis. Actually it’s not a particularly good thing for a small country to appear in the headlines of the global media day after day. This crisis turned our “pugnacious”  ( (C) Reuters, I think ) prime minister  into a kind of folk hero in Europe from the black sheep of the European political and media elite.


A protest in Germany after the mass sexual attacks in Cologne and elsewhere

Orbán was even chosen “the Politician of the Year” by an influential left-liberal political portal:

More than at any time in his winding career, Orbán shapes as much as fits the European zeitgeist

At the height of the migrant crisis, about 10,000 illegal migrants a day were trespassing Hungary last summer every day. Orbán’s razor wire fence, which “evoked memories of the Nazi times” for Austria’s chancellor, reduced this number to around ten illegal migrants a day by now.  Now Austria builds border fences… er, a gate with long sideways wings.


Anyway, I’ve decided to revive my blog now. The posts will be shorter, they will be more subjective or personal than before and I won’t try to reference everything I write.  If you want a reference to something you want to know more about then please ask for it in the comment section.

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