Remembering the Martyrs of Arad

Today is a mourning day  for Hungarians.  We remember the  thirteen Hungarian generals the Austrian Empire executed on the 6th of October, 1849 in the city of Arad after the Russian troops, whom the Austrians called in for help,  quelled the Hungarian Revolution of 1848–1849.

Legend has it that while the leaders of the Hungarian army were being executed, the Austrian generals were drinking beer and they were arrogantly clinking their beer mugs together in celebration. Thus Hungarians vowed they would never to clink glasses while drinking beer for 150 years thereafter.  Although this time has passed, the tradition still continues today.  I never miss the opportunity to explain to foreigners why I wouldn’t clink with beer. 🙂

The martyrs’ reliefs in the grammar school I went to


We regard the executed officers “vértanú” (martyr) who died in defence  of  our freedom and independence.  A lot of statues, plaques, institutions, streets and squares keep their memory alive in Hungary and wherever Hungarians live.   Many of the Arad martyrs were not ethnic Hungarians, some didn’t even speak Hungarian, but we all think of them as Hungarians regardless.  I’m going to light a candle tonight in their memory.


Social decay

I don’t watch “song contests”, in fact I practically don’t watch TV at all, but I have learnt that this creature became this year’s Eurovision winner yesterday:

Europe's social decay

I happen to know that the winner of this media show is selected by the TV audiences from the nominating countries.

My only comment is: Europe is sick. Europe is on the slope.

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Orbán on Hungary’s interests

Applying economic sanctions against Russia is not in Europe’s interests and especially not in the interests of Hungary.

said Prime Minister Orbán in an interview given to a Hungarian business newspaper.

One of the gas storage facilities Hungary bought back from EON

Answering a question about the possible role of US shale gas in supplying Europe, he also added

It’s in the best interests of Hungary to be able to buy natural gas whoever she wants to buy from. We have been able to buy only Russian gas so far even if that gas came from Austria.  As of this Thursday, we have access to Northern European gas, too, since Hungary has been connected to  Slovakia’s gas pipelines.  This is the very first time in history that if we don’t want to buy Russian gas for economic or other reasons then we can do so. This is an important step in the direction of achieving energy independence.  Our goal is clear: we have bought  the gas storage facilities to this end, too.  (Note: These facilities were sold in 2006 by the “left liberal” Gyurcsány government to the Germany multinational company EON.)


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In full flight

The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet daily  reported  on Tuesday that Gabor Simon, the deputy chairman of the opposition Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)   had placed 575,000 euros and 162,954 US dollars in a securities account opened in Austria in 2009 and his deposit account held 770,000 euros (240 million Hungarian Forints) last October.   Simon’s earlier asset declarations as an MP did not contain these amounts, that is he forged the submitted documents, and the origin of the money is unknown. Simon  was suspended from the party on the same day and MSZP has been refusing to answer questions about the case  since then. (Though Simon promised on Wednesday in a short message that he would  “give a detailed briefing on Thursday”) Hungary’s chief prosecutor asked the Hungarian parliament to suspend Simon’s immunity rights on Wednesday so that he could face criminal charges of tax fraud and document forgery.  It was reported that a criminal investigation was initially launched out of official duty last November, without anyone named as a suspect,  when they received information  from the Austrian financial markets watchdog which sent data to the Hungarian tax authorities concerning suspicion about money-laundering.

Let’s see how the Socialist Party’s campaign chief, Zsolt Molnar responded when  he was asked by journalists on a conference  organized by a left wing think-tank whether the dirty money found in Simon’s Austrian bank account had anything to do with MSZP:

The Socialist Party campaign chief’s response to the journalists’ questions

Another Socialist politician (Zsolt Török, the ex-spokesman of MSZP, who had to resign because of a fake video MSZP tried to smear Fidesz with in a by-election held in the town of Baja a few months ago) said only this: “one has to investigate Fidesz politicians, too”

This says it all, doesn’t it? 😀

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